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Truth & Dare Tribe


truth challenge #1   confess your darkest truths & sins via a public facebook post

truth challenge #2   complete a Boss Lover Quiz with your lover/partner


physical challenges

dare #3 complete a sort your shit challenge

dare #4  complete a random play challenge

dare #1 choose a song that represents how you feel in life at the moment, and then do a mock lip sync video to it.

sex dares

fulfil one of your lover’s fantasies and share how it went in a public post


get on the floor and act like a sexy human cat/dog for an hour

be a personal slave for an hour

do not break eye contact for an hour

give them a lap dance

have a threesome

have an orgy

act out a fantasy theme:

(bad cop, naughty nurse, school girl, kidnap scenario, desperate housewife)