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Tree Castle Project

THE play-temple tree-castle PROJECT:

Palace of the Teaz


A world-class healing-temple play-school retreat & community.

 A one stop shop of never before experienced new level healthy hedonistic epic-ness.

A place where you can receive profound healing, a real education, serious fun & deep meaningful connections with yourself and others.

A place where you can reconnect with nature, your inner child, your sexuality, and any other part of yourself yet to be fully realised and expressed.

A place to conquer fear and re-learn how to participate, experiment and play.

A place to step into your truth and unleash your creative potential.

A place to get to know yourself and be entertained, like never before.


The Vision 

We currently have a visual artist drawing up and impression of what it will look like, but until that's finished, you will have to use your imagination... 

Imagine a huge beautiful property just outside of the city, with access to fresh water, a forest and farmland that is completely self sustainable. Imagine a place that is home to a true community of people who joyfully open their unique property periodically for visitors to make new life long friends and experience life changing transformative experiences. Imagine a place with no time, money or judgement, where you truly can be anything you like. A place of freedom, love and magic.


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