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The Law of Play




RULE NO. 1    life must be lived as play

Play is sacred.  Let every day be a gay celebration.  That is all.


RULE NO. 2    play to grow the fuck up already

If you think you are a grown up because you surpassed your 18th birthday, hold a full time job and pay your taxes, think again.

Let's face it: being an adult means much more than these things. To grow up is to take full responsibility for oneself, including everything we have created in our lives instead of blaming everything that goes wrong on others and playing the victim card.

Many of us 'adults' actually still behave like needy, dependent and ungrateful spoilt brats.

Why? We have been raised in a society that appeases and accommodates spoilt brat behaviour rather than holding people accountable and calling them out on their shit. For example, the customer is always right, even when they are being dicks. This rule might be better for making profit... but it does not encourage morality and ethics. This especially applies to those born of privilege: they can pretty much get away with murder. How can one truly grow up when there are no consequences? When one is simply handed everything on a golden platter? No wonder our prosperous lucky country of Australia is pretty much overrun by a bunch children who can never grow up.

Another thing that prevents adults from truly growing up is insecurity caused from unhealed repressed childhood wounds. Most of us have much inner child healing to do, and until we heal our inner children's wounds and learn to parent ourselves, we will never be able to grow up. And unlike Peter Pan, we won't be having fun flying around in eternity fighting dumbass pirates and chasing mermaids; we are just stuck in day jobs we loath, bitching and moaning about how unfortunate we are and living for the weekends: when we can get drunk as fuck on Friday night to forget about how much we hate our lives, and then spend the rest of the weekend lamenting on the couch eating 2 minute pasta.

Oh the irony: re-learning how to play (and enjoying the healing benefits of said play) will actually help you finally grow the fuck up. 


RULE NO. 3   become a party paradox scientist

Here in wonderland, we have taken it upon ourselves to study the deep truths of party.

The Science of Fun

Depending on personal tastes, everyone has their own ideas about what a “good time” entails. However I think we can all agree, when we all look back at all the best times we’ve ever had, the two key ingredients of a good time are:

 deep and meaningful connection with others + uninhibited self-expression

And this is exactly why everyone loves a good drink, because it makes uninhibited self-expression and connection with others easier.

The question we would like to propose to you is:  if you were able to express yourself as freely as possible and connect with others exactly how you really would like to, would you still feel the desire to use drugs and alcohol?

What makes Play Club parties + adventures so fucking fun, is that we create experiences where keys elements are controlled in order to allow for maximum self-expression and connection. It’s ironic how a few rules and specially designed control mechanisms can actually allow for the most freedom.

here is a little example of what is cool (in our opinion) and what is not

what is "Fun" + "cool" ? 

NOT FUN OR COOL. So boring + been there done that.

Attaching to people and depending on them for your happiness

Needing approval from others to feel worthy

Focusing on what you can get from others

Getting fucked up on drugs and alcohol because you don’t feel comfortable being in a social setting without them or can't think of any other ways to make fun

Getting fucked up on drugs and alcohol because you don't know how to deal with difficult negative emotions in a healthy way

Needing to be in a relationship so you don’t feel lonely or unloved

Having one nightstands + casual sex when there is no real love, trust or deep connection


Being independent and knowing that the true source of all the love and happiness you seek is actually within you - e.g. you must give it to yourself before you can get it from others

Approving of yourself no matter what anyone else thinks 

Focusing on how you can add value to the lives of those around you

Being able to express yourself to the fullest without needing drugs or alcohol to lighten/loosen up

Learning how to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way and giving yourself the time and love you need in order to feel good without the use of drugs or alcohol

Detaching from the need to identify with relationship labels and allowing your relationships with others to simply be whatever they are without judging them or trying to control them

Tantric-style sex with people that you have a real connection, love and trust with (cool as fuck)


RULE NO. 4    BE playfully serious & serious about play

Although having a good time is our top priority at Play Club, we also take ourselves pretty seriously too - in a playful way. We are passionate about self-empowerment and have a playfully serious attitude towards having a positive impact in the world.

Don't get us wrong, we are big fans of sincerity and deep thought. And yes, there are times in life that seriousness is essential, such as life or death moments, but for all other occasions, plain old seriousness... can just fuck right off. 

It is all too easy to disregard play as trivial and unimportant: as something just for children and people who refuse to grow up.  They may look at the chaos and destruction of the planet and think that if people took things more seriously, then perhaps things would improve.

We believe the opposite is true.

The essence of play is to doing something for no reason other than for the fact that it simply feels good to do it. There is much genius within following our joy.

To play is to live in the moment, and like Einstein said "play is the highest form of learning". Remembering the art of play may actually help us to restore balance and harmony to the planet, because when we are inspired, happy, educated and present, we make better choices and get more shit done. A society full of depressed, unmotivated, distracted, addicted and medicated people generally speaking spend their time eating shit, buying shit and watching tv, and that certainly won't help make the planet a better place.

Of course we should be care-full (no that is not a spelling mistake) not to further contribute to the destruction of the planet, make more informed, kind and conscious choices about what we consume and where we invest our time and energy.... but in the grand scheme of things: we really need to lighten up a little.

After all, life is a dream. A matrix of unlimited realities, probabilities and planets; a complex and seriously paradoxical multiverse where there is actually no such thing as good or bad. Life is just not that simple. We are all a part of a playful joyful experiment where no matter what the outcome is, all truly is well. For we are governed by universal law; everything will balance itself out in the end. It always does. The only way to lose the game is to take it too seriously. So chill out a bit, stop obsessing about the destination (because there isn't one) and starting enjoying each step of the ride. Live in and for the now.

How many people waste their entire lives being oh so serious all the time?? Parents no longer have the time or desire to play with their own children because they've got chores, work or study, because they are so concerned about being taken seriously by their peers, or whoever it is that they are trying to impress or gain respect or approval from. Because they take themselves way too seriously. Seriousness is a fucking tragedy.

If you insist on being serious, get serious about living the best life ever by doing what lights you up and makes you feel alive and fulfilled at the end of each day. Fuck impressing your parents and community with being taken seriously: "oh look at me paying my bills, rent and taxes, I'm a totally legit citizen with my shit together".

Whatever.  Get over yourself and all your bills, responsibilities and seriously "serious" life and lighten up a little.

Seriously, I'm serious.


RULE NO. 5    break bad: HAVE wholesome diabolical fun

Forget about the terms “good” or “bad”. 

Nothing in this world is simply “good” or “bad”. Life is more complicated than that.

Let's admit it: for many of us, the dark side is not only tempting, it's almost irresistible. Personally, I’ve always had a thrill about being bad, and in my younger more rebellious years, I would pride myself on trying to be “the baddest”. And there is actually a holy reason for this. Deep down many of us feel rebellious to “the system” of life because somewhere within us we inherently know we’ve been raised on an diet of excessive bullshit rules that have constricted our senses of selves and robbed us of our freedom. And hence so many of us long for freer self expression and release, for the freedom to simply be ourselves. And when you look at our options for doing so... much of them are unfairly labelled as "bad". Many things that we have been programmed to feel shameful about are not only perfectly natural, they are our birthright.

Forget about labels and pay attention to how things make you feel.


6.   don't be a dickheadTreat others how you wish to be treated

It’s not rocket science: what goes around comes around. What you give out, you get back. It is science. There is no escaping universal law, so be legitimately kind and honest: treat others how you wish to be treated. 

After all, there is no such thing as me or you, only we.

If we all lived by this one golden rule, imagine the world we would live in...

And by the way, this rule includes children. In fact, it especially applies to children. Treat them like people, like equals. They are not stupid. In fact, most of them are more switched on than us “adults”. We do not own our children and we should not demand respect. We must earn it by treating them respect and kindness. We must take the time to truly listen to them, to explain WHY we ask them what we ask of them, to teach them to think and make clever decisions for themselves, rather than teaching them with a “just do as I say because I’m the boss" attitude. It's important they understand why they should be doing what they are doing, rather than manipulating them with the reward of candy, or threatening or verbally abusing them. Don't act like an arsehole and then demand respect - it doesn't work that way.