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Self Discovery


challenge #1   responsibility challenge

Are you a helpless victim being tossed around in a chaotic sea of luck and chance, or are you a powerful creator ? It’s time to take responsibility for all that you have created.

challenge #2 face your story challenge 

As children we create stories to make sense of things to survive. What’s your story? Is it time for a re-write?

challenge #2   belief exploration

Where do your beliefs come from? Are they really yours? And how are they serving you? 

challenge #3   Determining Self Perception

How do you see yourself?

challenge #4 my habits Analysis

What do you spend your time doing?

challenge #5  emotional discovery

How connected to your feelings are you?

challenge #6  beginner Meditation Challenge

challenge #7 dream analysis challenge

challenge #8 trace your roots challenge

challenge #9 radical honesty challenge

challenge #10 face your fear challenge

challenge #11 purpose exploration

challenge #12 goal setting