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Radical Truth Revelations

radical truth


Unfinished Business


Who are the people you have unfinished business/unspoken words with? The people that continue to pop into your mind many years or even decades after you last saw them? The people you fantasise about running in to so that you could have a chance to say a few unsaid things to…? Were there lost friendships you wish you still had? Were there old flames and lovers you wish you could have a second chance with? Are there people you want to apologise to or get apologies from? Are there people you want to pour your heart out to ?


Write their names down as soon as they come into your mind, don’t second guess them or doubt them. Just allow them to flow out and trust that whatever comes to mind has come for a reason… you can access why their name has come up later. For now, just get them out, and don't stop writing them until your mind goes blank.


Now slowly go through them and as yourself why you think their name came up… what do you hope to achieve in speaking with them?


If you angry with them – you need to forgive them and express this.

If you seek their forgiveness – you need to forgive yourself, and possibly ask them too.



Who inspires you and why?


If you could make one of your friends do something for their own good, what and who would it be?


Who do you think is incredibly sexy?