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My first poem. It came to me while daydreaming on the same peak-hour train I rode home every day. Symbolic of the freedom, lightheartedness and fulfilment I craved at the time. Symbolic of my desire to live in the present moment.





 This is about not taking life too seriously, and making time for lighthearted play and self expression.


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a Place


Inspired by lust, and dazzled by daydreams, I wrote this poem while listening to the song "surreal" by Markus Schulz ft Ana Criado

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Written during a complicated break-up.  

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Written out of desire and curiosity to know more and go deeper.  To find those little golden nuggets of truth & beauty, even if its ugly.  

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We most often associate addiction with drugs, alcohol, shopping, eating & sex.

But many of us are addicted to work, power & money. Yet these things often seem to be glorified.

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I Wonder & Wander


I wrote this on a bus from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls one night as I pondered out my window listening to Lana Del Ray songs.

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8am Antidote


This was about a very strange intuitive healing experience I had in the sun on the rooftop of my hostel after a big night out in Buenos Aires. 

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