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Play Club

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Play Club is a Play School for Adults


We do things differently. 

But Play Club is not just about having serious fun, it’s about learning, healing and connecting.

It’s about discovery and expression.  


It’s about being brave enough to be curious…

It’s about the questions that curiosity leads to,

And the discovery of truth and beauty that follows.


It’s about freedom.

For true freedom is a state of mind. It’s about not caring what others think of you.

It is allowing yourself to simply be yourself, not matter how weird you may seem.


We liberate people through the art of play.



Join our wonderfully weird play club of outrageous ridiculous nonsense


Member Benefits


Enjoy the latest stories of truth & beauty direct from the rabbit hole

be challenged to participate in fun competitions 

be invited to hilarious Award Ceremonies 

be invited to deliciously diabolical parties

be led astray on mysterious adventures and play club excursions

belong to a tribe of revolution desiring rebels & play artists


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