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Play School

self discovery challenges

What kind of lover am i?

What kind of friend am I? 

understanding the role of emotions


world discovery challenges

research the great mysteries & the latest discoveries


Mirror Mirror Friend Challenges

- is your relationship healthy

- what can you learn from each other

- resolve the past

- get to know each other very well


stranger challenges

- meet your neighbours

Write to Your Heroes Challenge


relationship challenges

- Love Letter Challenge

Sex Confessions: Organise a night in with single or swinger friends and talk about all things sex, exchanging tips, secrets and fantasies.


physical challenges

Sorting Your Shit Challenge  and Share Your Journey e.g.  Take pics of my room – nice way to share who you are


expression challenges

Make an Ultimate Lip-Sync Self-Expression Video


self love challenges

Romance yourself – write yourself a love letter

Take yourself on a beautiful romantic walk and tell yourself how wonderful you are

Pleasure yourself in the most wonderful & divine way like the god/dess you are

Cook yourself a candle lit dinner with your favourite music playing

Buy or pick yourself some flowers

Get crafty: make something lovely for yourself