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Libby Griffin is a writer, presenter, dancer, singer and storyteller, available Internationally for your all your entertainment and hosting needs. 



Adult Parties & Festivals


Philosophical and rebellious Alice has returned from wonderland to tell the fascinating tale of what she learned about nonsense.

libby gaga

Would you like Lady Gaga to perform at your party but don't have the resources? Well here's the next best thing.


Become hypnotised by the ancient Egyptian goddess of creation.

libby griffin

Playing her fantasy self: Head News Reporter for DiscoStickTV, reporting live, conducting interviews and delivering the best of the best news, in the most unprofessional way. If you would you like someone covering your event with the worst quality news broadcast, then look no further.


Children's Parties

Disco Fairy adventure

Playful and quirky, disco fairies love to have fun. They also bring many gifts, treasures and magic packed wisdom for young children, that instil healthy and empowering habits, and especially love teaching others "how to become a magic fairy".

Choose from a wide range of services and activities, such as: high quality gift bags, body painting, dress ups, dance lessons, massage lessons, stretching & breathing activities, craft time, how to cast a magic spell, story time and a magical treasure hunt.

Ideal for children aged 4-8 years. 

The rascally White Rabbit

Rascally & mysterious, this "professional leader of astray" would love to take you down the rabbit hole to a place where dreams are made; a place of mystery, magic and madness; a land of wonder and play. 

Ideal for children aged 8-12. 

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