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Love Boss Challenge

challenge #1 Forgive Yourself


Setting Boundaries

Empaths have the hardest times setting boundaries and speaking up when a boundary is crossed.

Sometimes they can be so overtaken with another persons energy that they are unaware of how much of their will, power and energy they have given away.

The key to know when a boundary has been crossed is to listen to your emotions.

Self trust is an important initiation to self love


challenge #2  forgive others 

Carol Howe



Emotional pain is a warning system that alerts you to false beliefs.

Without knowing that emotional pain is a sign of a false belief, most of us wrongly interpret this pain; so whenever we feel the emotional pain associated with unworthiness, the pain makes us believe the belief is true, thereby strengthening the belief and deepening the wound, and this perpetuates a cycle of emotional pain.

All emotional healing is releasing disempowering beliefs.

Self-responsibility means that you must own your unconditional worth and you must take back your power by releasing the expectation that your parents meet any of your emotional needs, and this also includes releasing the need for apology, acknowledge, or retribution.

Give to yourself what you need from your parents!

As you take responsibility for your life and your choices, you must stop seeking parental permission and emotional support, and, in fact, you don’t even need your parents to believe in you or your dreams. The same reasons your parents didn’t meet your needs in childhood are the same reasons they still don’t. So you can let them off the hook and release all expectations!

Indeed, your personal power is only as strong as your boundaries.

Boundaries are Key!

As an adult-child, it is up to you to set boundaries with your parents. Initially, it might feel uncomfortable, but, over time, strong boundaries will strengthen the relationship and allow for a deeper connection. So, to create a positive adult relationship with your parents, what boundaries do you need as an empowered adult?

Keep in mind, a boundary of respect, for example, is vague and you probably need to define the parameters of respect, so clearly and specifically spell it out in terms of communication and interaction. In all likelihood, you will need to teach your parents how to treat you, speak to you, and behave in ways that reflect respect. It’s also a good idea to invite your mom and dad to establish their boundaries and do your very best to honor them, as well.

Boundaries are set through intention but established with attention!

Effective boundaries require integrity, and this means that you must back-up every boundary with proper and consistent attention. Therefore, don’t expect your parents to automatically know when they are encroaching on a boundary. When people are used to behaving in habitual ways, it takes time to recognize new boundaries and reorganize new behavior accordingly. This means that it’s your responsibility to protect your boundaries, and, therefore, confidentially give clear feedback; tell your mom or dad when they are crossing (or about to cross) a boundary.

However, if either parent doesn’t respect your boundaries, don’t be afraid to limit interactions accordingly, but let them know why, so they have the necessary information to change their behavior. Believe it or not, most parents will eventually learn to respect boundaries, but only if you consistently enforce them first.




Heal the Inner Child / Value Discovery + Fulfilment



kindness challenge

30 Days of Kindness - every day do one act of kindness for yourself and others



Heart Meditation Challenge


Relationship challenge

Five Love Languages Questionnaire


Gratitude Challenge

Write 1 page of gratitude for a month (must do a 3-5 minute gratitude dance after the writing)


self-trust challenge

How to Self Trust – by Teal Swan


=Assured reliance on my character, ability, strength & truth


1.     Develop Self-Confidence – ability to depend on yourself – ACKNOWLEDGE MY ABILITIES, STRENGTHS & VIRTUES


-       I have the ability to focus, I love education, learning and self improvement, I like to create lessons/worksheets for people to improve themselves, good at writing, I am playful & fun loving, good sense of adventure, like to try new things, seeking and finding truth, intelligent, very creative, good creative ideas, have a big heart


2.     Do what you are good at and what comes easily


3.     Let go of attachment to the right answer and find my right answer. There is no right answer. Take other peoples opinions into consideration but MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS.


4.     Take risks – even if you make a “mistake”. There are no mistakes. COURAGE MAKES US FEEL BETTER ABOUT OURSELVES.


5.     Take responsibility for my choices and the consequences for them


6.     Live according to Integrity (authenticity, standing up for myself, speaking truth)



Integrity means to do what you say you will do. To treat other how you want to be treated. To treat yourself how you deserve.




I don’t do enough writing, meditating, dancing, creative play or get in nature enough. I am not always completely honest with others. I don’t always treat others how I want to be treated. I eat things I don’t agree with. I buy things I don’t agree with.




I can prioritize personal writing (just for me), I can make time to dance every day by developing a new habit or dancing when I feel tired or stuck, instead of eating or watching TV. I can take myself on adventures where I can meditate and dance and stretch in nature. I can organize craft creative sessions or do them spontaneously when I feel like it.





I trust myself to… never buy myself weed or keep it in the same house I live in. I trust myself to never live with someone who smokes weed. I trust myself to never give up on Boss or Wonderland until they are successful. I trust myself to never give up working on myself until I am happy, healthy and enlightened. I trust myself to never let a random man use me for sex on a one night stand or booty call. I trust myself not to take hard synthetic drugs.


8.     Listen to your feelings – instant feedback/guidance system, intuition speaks through feelings.


9.     Stop abandoning yourself – not listening to yourself, not listening to your feelings, violating your boundaries, run from negativity = learn to unconditionally be with your emotions.


10.  Healthy boundaries – guidelines for relating to self and others – defined by feelings (likes, dislikes, wants, don’t wants, how we allow ourselves to be treated)




I want to look good and feel good in my body. I say what I want. I express the amount of energy that I truly feel like expressing. I do not change myself for others approval. I do not check my phone until I feel like connecting. I do