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Dream Boss Challenge

Dive deep into your purpose


What are you good at? Where have you excelled at in life? What’s that thing you do that others marvel at, which you don’t even think twice about?

#2 What do you do that you get lost in? What about this do you love? What do you get out of engaging in this activity?

#3 What jobs have you loved and have been most effective in? Why do you think this is so? By being effective in that, what did you offer people around you?

#4 What was your most favorite thing to do as a kid? Why? What personal quality did it bring out in you? Is this an important aspect of your life now? Should it be?

#5 How are you going to save the world? What’s your super power that will help you do that?

#6 If you had one year to live, what would you do and how would you want to be remembered? Keep it real… what would be your best life?

#7 What do you think are your best personality traits? Why are these important to you? How do you use them in your life? What do they tell you about what you need to do, express or receive in life that feels purposeful?

#8 What’s been your greatest achievement so far in life? How do you want to top that?

#9 What was your most meaningful spiritual experience? How did that help form you? What from that do you most need to express in daily action?

#10 What issues have you learned the most from in your life? Does this assist you in steering toward or away from something in your life that creates a level of meaning or purpose?




Dive deep into your desires

Value Discovery


Push the limits

If you could have anything in life, like ordering from a catalogue, what would you order?

Living Situation –

Personal Belongings –



Who are my top 10 men?

What did I learn from past relationships?

Build your ultimate man.

Visualise it






Community Contribution



create Short Term Goals to froth over

(what would you like to have and how would you like to feel)

For 1 week –

For 1 month

For 3 months –

For 6 months –

For 1 year –

For 2 years –

For 3 years –

For 5 years –


bury them



remove obstacles

Dreaming Exercise - Create an opening for what you want.... "what would it take for ..." 


play with Visualisation

 Create a dreamboard



align your vibe

30 Day Align Your Vibe Challenge

Meditations & ceremonies with sound, movement & language.