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Delicious Private Parties


the best music, the best entertainment & the best crew in the best exotic locations



The Paradox of Party


We are Party Paradox Scientists

Fun Creation Extraordinaires, we create revolutionary + healthy ways to have a good time. 


Here at Play Club, we believe that life should be one big party/celebration. But the only way to party every day without burning yourself out is to do it without drugs & alcohol. We believe that to party every day is actually a healthy, productive & holy way to live life.

We believe the reason people use so many drugs and alcohol is because we as a society have forgotten how to play and have fun. Caged by our own insecurities and fears, we rarely leave our cozy little comfort zones, even when we are miserable in them, for studies show that people are more afraid of the unknown that anything else.



party Themes

Cast Your Magic 

The Elements : get hot, get wet, get loose or get down

Time Periods

Get Radical and share: Truth and Dare

mad tea parties

diabolical dinner parties: Cluedo mysteries

mystery parties

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