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Why Hello There



You can come play with me if you like... I'm on a treasure hunt.




“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.”  Lewis Carrol




Life is much like tumbling down a rabbit hole wonderland. 

The more curious you are, the more you seem to drift from what is commonly thought of as "normal" and "safe". 

To go down a rabbit hole takes courage, and many times along the way you may wonder if you made the right decision. But once you go down, there is no turning back. All you can do is keep going and play with the hand wonderland deals to you.

Along your adventure, you will face all kinds of challenges and meet all kinds of colourful characters, only to wake up in the end and realise that all those heroes and villains were just different versions of yourself. And although it will be a relief to wake up and realise it was all just a very convincing dream, you will treasure it forever. Because, despite the head f%cks, it was full of valuable lessons, and ultimately, you chose to go down there in the first place. It was an incredible one-of-kind adventure, and a story... that will live on forever. Completely insignificant and inconceivably important all at the same time.

And you will know that it's how those lessons transformed you, that was the whole point of the story.

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Life is like looking through a lens into a looking glass.

Many of us forget that when we look out into the world we are actually looking at ourselves.

We also forget to adjust our lens to new angles, which is a real shame because fresh perspective is the true treasure of adventure.

Discoveries of the world are actually discoveries of self.

For self realisation is the greatest treasure hunt. The greatest, and only, adventure of all. 




Every thought is a rabbit hole of possibility… a doorway to another world.

There are a great deal of fake wonderlands out there… those rascally self-created worlds, that lead to nowhere, that make no sense at all.

There is however, one true wonderland - a land of magic, power, wonder & play. A land of your highest creation. With treasures beyond even your own most wildest dreams. 

Just patiently waiting for you..

And the doorway lies within your heart.


Are you really curious??


You should be.